BPP subscribes to a set of core values and a philosophy that drives every aspect of our business.

Reflected in both our day-to-day business practices and our people, we genuinely believe that our values coupled with our professional and technical expertise will help to give you the competitive edge by providing real added value to our clients.

BPP understands and respects its obligations to its clients and aims to be well informed in key developments of best practice to provide the highest quality of service and value at all times. We treat the success and profitability for each project undertaken on behalf of our clients as we would one of our own.

Client & Service Driven We have a single-minded focus on serving our clients to the very best of our ability. By comprehensively understanding your business, we are best placed to meet your immediate, mid- and long-term objectives by seeking practical solutions.

Thorough & Effective The way we operate means that the advice we give at every stage of the process is considered and clear. We will work with you to achieve your objectives and look for solutions, not problems.

Reliable, Responsive & Flexible By offering a reliable, responsive and flexible service, we have developed and nurtured trusted, long-standing relationships with the most demanding of corporate clients. They appreciate creative and innovative thought processes as well as the speed of delivery of even the most complex of briefs.

Communication BPP encourages clear communication between all parties at all times, both internally and externally. As part of our customer service commitment we encourage the greatest possible degree of transparency throughout the business.

Personal The service is personal and partner-led from the inception to completion of the project. We work hard to understand your business, how you operate and what you are trying to achieve. Our emphasis is on building continuity through close working relationships with our clients and stakeholders.

BPP adopts the RICS Ethics and professional standards.

BPP’s Professional & Ethical Standards